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The internet has democratized the access to information, but it has also become a vehicle for spreading misinformation. This has become a significant challenge for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, to deal with when it comes to vaccination, as they increasingly need to spend time discussing and convincing patients or their parents of the overall need for vaccination. 

There is a need for patients and parents to be better educated on vaccination in general, on the overall benefits and risks before seeing a healthcare professional.


CHALLENGE 1   Educating parents of infants, school-age children, and adolescents

As a young mother, I’m unsure about which vaccines are vital for my child and which ones aren’t. Does she need to have that many in such a short time?

How can I find out what to do?

CHALLENGE 2  Educating adults and older adults

I am 70 years old, and I understand that there are many vaccines recommended for adults.

I have some common medical conditions that are frequent with people my age and am apprehensive about introducing vaccines into my body.

CHALLENGE 3  Enabling healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals — including doctors, nurses and pharmacists — are looking for effective and efficient ways to communicate general information on vaccines to their patients ahead of consultations to save precious time, see more patients, and better realize the health outcomes of their patients.

Hackathon Prize pool

$4K for the winning team of each challenge

3 winning teams

$12K cash prize

A possibility of an additional prize for the winning teams:

a two-month incubation program worth $8K to support the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Step 1:   Pre-Incubation Workshop

Step 2:   Project refinement (1st month)

Step 3:    Experiments (2nd month)

Throughout the 2 months, teams will have coaching sessions according to their needs (e.g. business, technology)

A professional video of each project will be made which will be used to judge the projects and determine the winner

One team will receive a $5000 shared prize

Additional team prizes may be awarded for 

Second place = $3000

Third place = $2000

End of the incubation 

Who can take part?





Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of area of expertise or skill-level!

A kick-off workshop will define objectives and deliverables of the incubation

Teams improve their projects

Progress recorded on a shared dashboard

Teams conduct crash tests with (proxy) end-users and integrate feedback into projects

At the end of the second month, teams formulate a business model and business plan



July 13th

06.00 pm 

07.00 pm

08.00 pm 

08.15 pm 

08.30 pm 

09.00 pm

11.00 pm

Registration & Dinner

Opening Hackathon

Idea Pitches

Team Formation

Start working 

Workshop: IBM Watson Assistant

Working overnight


July 14th

09.00 am 

10.00 am 

01.00 pm 

02.00 pm

04.00 pm

06.00 pm  

10.00 pm


Workshop: Medscape


Continue working

Lego Challenge


Working overnight 


July 15th

09.00 am  

10.30 am 

12.00 pm 

02.00 pm 

02.30 pm 

04.00 pm 

04.30 pm 

05.30 pm


Continue working


End of Working

Science Fair

Judges Deliberation

Announcement of Winners





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